Saturday, November 17, 2012

Living the Life..

I realized that it's been about a month since my last blog post...and a lot can happen within a month! So let's begin...

I am finally getting used to my teaching schedule, as well as getting up before the sun. I have also figured out how early I need to leave my apartment in order to make it to the bakery  before catching the train. hehe...of course. Something I'm still getting used to though is that almost every teacher has different expectations of what I should prepare for classes and handles their classes differently. For example, some teachers are really strict and will make their class more or less "shut up" when they get rowdy, while other teachers will laugh and let the students do whatever they want. It's interesting. I know for a fact though that I don't like it when students are talking while I'm talking.. Usually all it takes is a 'look' and they will be quiet :) It's not an evil look, just a look that says "hey, let's pay attention to this very interesting lesson on exam anxiety..."

The students are overall really great. Somehow I have classes ranging from 10-19 year olds...It can be a little difficult to plan lessons for the younger ones because their English isn't as developed. Also, I have to speak very slowly and clearly. It's good practice though, working with students of all ages. I feel bad though, because a couple of times last week I got a little bit frustrated with the 'rowdy' class. It's really annoying when they just will not listen, roll their eyes at the subject you're talking about, and continue to talk ABOUT you in German. Meanwhile, their teacher is just standing there.. So hopefully I can figure out how to better manage those classes where the students are a little crazy. Thinking back to jr high/high school, I feel bad for some of the teachers we had lol. Oh boy..

So today marks 2 months since I moved to Vienna. It feels like so much longer, though. A lot has changed in my life since I moved here, including the people I hang out with and every my diet! Poptarts are too expensive to be a regular part of my life ;) But really, I only eat whole grain bread and am finding how rewarding it is to cook rather than eat out/buy pre-made meals. It tastes better, too! Something I'm  very glad to have on-hand is peanut butter. Pb&j sandwiches are amazing, and always will be. The Austrians, however, do not agree. I know someone who eats Marmite, so yeah, I can have my pb&j. The holidays are coming up (quickly!) and I'm starting to think about Christmas presents. I already started some shopping online, and am excited to see what will be for sale at the many Christmas markets here in the city. I also hope to do some traveling during the winter break, and spend the holidays with some special people. Next month, 4 days before Christmas, I'll be moving into a new apartment. I'm really excited about it and I think I'll be much happier living there. You could say that many things are starting to fall into place in my life right now. My life for the past year has been a constant change, but things are finally starting to calm down. :) I am making my home here in Vienna and even 2 months later, I still can't believe I'm lucky enough to live here.

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